AIFF audio files can be tagged with several tagging formats. Adding tags to AIFF files does not break the AIFF format, which is extensible by nature. Any well-behaved AIFF reader is able to handle every AIFF file even if it doesn't understand the tags it contains, in which case it simply ignores them.

Possible AIFF tagging formats include:
  • Native metadata - The AIFF specification defines native metadata chunks - Name, Author, Comment, Annotation, and Copyright. However, software support for these chunks is uncommon.
  • ID3v2 tag - The most widely supported AIFF tagging format is the ID3v2 tag, the same tagging format that is used for MP3 files.
  • XMP - The specification for the Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) by Adobe, that is now commonly used in JPEG images, also defines a way to write it into AIFF files. However, software support for XMP metadata in AIFF files is still rare.

AIFF Tag Editors 


Program Developer Platform Price Metadata Types
Adobe Bridge Adobe Windows, OS X Freeware XMP
bliss elsten software Windows, OS X, Linux £10-£30 ID3v2 tag
ID3 Editor Pa-software Windows, OS X $15 ID3v2 tag
iTunes Apple Inc. Windows, OS X Freeware ID3v2 tag
Jaikoz Jthink Windows, OS X, Linux £20 ID3v2 tag
JRiver Media Center JRiver Windows, OS X $49.98 ID3v2 tag
Kid3 Urs Fleisch Windows, OS X, Linux Freeware ID3v2 tag
MetadataTouch Digital Confidence Windows $40-$60 ID3v2 tag; XMP
Metadatics Mark V Apps OS X $9.99 ID3v2 tag
Mp3tag Florian Heidenreich Windows, OS X, Linux Freeware ID3v2 tag
SongKong Jthink Windows, OS X, Linux £20 ID3v2 tag
Sound Grinder Monkey Tools OS X $39 ID3v2 tag
Tag&Rename softpointer Windows $29.95 ID3v2 tag
Yate 2 Many Robots OS X $20 ID3v2 tag

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